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Hume Civic Collection

Hume Civic Collection image

Image of Troutbeck Brothers by Andrew Chapman, 2012

Hume City Council acknowledges the importance of its cultural heritage and maintains a growing collection of artworks and historical items that reflect the artistic, social and political aspirations of the local community. Many items from the Collection are circulated on permanent and temporary display throughout Council facilities and public areas. 

The collection comprises items including: 

  • Works on paper
  • Photographs
  • Sculpture
  • Public art
  • Historical documents
  • Heritage artefacts
  • Paintings

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George Evans Heritage Collection

image of Sunbury Pop Festival from George Evans Collection

Image of Sunbury Pop Festival by Soc Hedditch, 1972

The George Evans Heritage Collection constitutes over 5000 items, including records, objects and photographs that focus on the history of the wider Sunbury and Bulla region. Located in Sunbury, significant items from the collection are rotated on display in dedicated display cases at the Hume Global Learning Centre - Sunbury. The Collection is overseen by a team of volunteers from the Sunbury & District Heritage Association.

The photographic collection, includes images dating from the time of European settlement – subjects include:

  • Local families
  • Places and significant events
  • Military photographs
  • Bulla Shire Councillors and events
  • Local buildings
  • The Caloola Training Centre (formally Sunbury Lunatic Asylum)
  • The Sunbury Pop Festival

 The wider George Evans collection includes:

  • Early records of the old Shire of Bulla, including rate and minute books
  • Material from the Boardman family, newspaper proprietors in Sunbury for over 75 years
  • Military records
  • Records relating to sporting clubs, churches, shops and vineyards
  • Objects dating back to the settlement of Sunbury

The Museum has also developed historical information files about public figures and places in the area, such as George Evans and his family as well as information about local schools, businesses, wineries and other topics.

You can view a selection of items from the Hume Civic Collection (incorporating the George Evans Collection) online.