In our third edition of #HumeStories, we spoke with Bianca Mayne, a young and passionate Hume City local, who loves supporting her community in any way she can.

Studying to become a Pediatric Psychologist, Bianca wants to help future generations overcome mental health struggles and support them on their journey to living happy, healthy, and fulfilling lives.  

Having dealt with mental health issues herself, Bianca is driven to support the next generation and offer the same healing that she has experienced in the past. As a young adult herself, Bianca's decision to dedicate her studies and future work to our youth is inspiring. 

Bianca has lived in Hume for half her life and feels deeply connected to the Hume community that she calls home. Not only does Bianca want to help future generations, she is committed to helping the current generation feel the love that is present in Hume, and making sure everyone feels welcome.

Take a watch below and feel the love that comes through Bianca's words.