Waste Service Charge

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We're changing the way we charge for waste. 

Currently, waste charges are included as part of the general rates. Separating waste charges from the general rates will bring us in line with all other Councils across Victoria. 

This change will see the cost of waste and recycling services removed from general rates and become a separate Waste Service Charge from July 2023. Ratepayers will notice the change when they receive their annual rates notice in August 2023.

The community will have an opportunity to have their say as part of the community engagement process on the 2023/24 Council budget. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need a separate waste charge?

Currently, you pay for waste services as part of your general rates. Next year, you’ll be able to see waste services as a separate, itemised charge on your rates notice.  

Having a separate waste charge allows us to be more transparent about our waste costs and give you a clearer picture of where your money is going.   

Due to increases in the Victorian Government waste levy and recycling processing fees, the costs of waste and recycling services have increased well above the rate cap. Since the cap was introduced in 2016/17, Council has absorbed a $23 million shortfall. Additional Victorian Government reform means the costs will continue to increase as we roll out new services (such as kerbside FOGO collection). We’re projecting a shortfall of $110 million by 2033/34.

All of this means we need to change how we charge for our waste services now, so that these rising costs don’t have an impact on other essential services. Making this change will allow for future-proofed, clean, thriving city.

How much will I pay?

The amount of the separate Waste Service Charge will be decided with the 2023/24 Council Budget. The draft budget will be released for public feedback in early 2023. General rates will reduce as we remove the costs of waste and recycling and itemise them in the separate Waste Service Charge. We will be able to give Hume ratepayers a clearer picture of what this change means for their total rates cost in 2023.

What about the rate cap?

The rate cap introduced by the State Government does not apply to the Waste Service Charge. The amount of the Waste Service Charge will be decided during the annual Council budget process. The introduction of a Waste Service Charge is reviewed by the Essential Services Commission on behalf of the Victorian Government. The objective of this change is to recover the costs of waste which is an essential service for the community.

Is Hume the only council who have a separate waste charge?

No. Implementing a separate waste charge will bring us in line with all other councils in our state — all 79 Victorian councils already charge separate fees for their waste services and/or will be introducing it in their 2023/24 budgets.

Does this mean I'm paying for waste twice?

No. The cost of waste services will be removed from the general rates, and therefore your general rates will reduce. The Waste Service Charge will appear as a separate item on your rates notice.

How have you consulted the community?

We received 2,263 survey responses from Hume residents in December 2021 as part of the development of our Waste & Resource Recovery Strategy. 57 per cent of residents were in support of a separate waste charge.

Can I provide feedback?

Yes. Hume ratepayers will be able to have their say as part of the community engagement process on the 2023/24 Council budget.

When will I see this change on my rates notice?

The Waste Service Charge will apply from 1 July 2023 and will appear on the 2023/24 annual rates notice issued from August 2023.

Will my waste services change?

No. Implementing a separate Waste Service Charge will not change any of our waste services.

I already pay extra for a FOGO bin, will I need to pay the separate waste charge?

Yes. Currently, FOGO (food and garden organics) bins are an opt-in service in Hume City. Our kerbside FOGO service is available from an extra cost of $86.60 per household. In line with State Government recycling reform, this will become a universal service to all households in 2024. From that time, it will no longer be an extra cost, but will be included in the Waste Service Charge.

I don’t use Council’s kerbside waste service, will I still need to pay the waste charge?

The flat-fee service charge for public waste will be applied to all properties, regardless of participation in Council’s waste services.

The waste service charge doesn't just cover bin collection and is used to help fund all waste and recycling services across Council.

Will the Waste Service Charge increase every year?

The amount of the Waste Service Charge will be decided each year with the Council budget. The Essential Services Commission will review this and ensure we are only charging for the actual costs of waste services. If the cost to Council of waste and recycling continues to increase, the Waste Service Charge will reflect that.