Online live Council meetings

All public Ordinary and Town Planning meetings are streamed live with the livestream video added to this page 2 hours before the meeting. The audio recording will be available to the public by 48 hours after the meeting.

Find out more about how to speak to an agenda item or submit a public question to an online meeting.

There may be situations where, due to technical difficulties a live stream may not be available. While every effort will be made to ensure the live streaming and website are working, Council takes no responsibility for, and cannot be held liable for the live streaming if the website is temporarily unavailable due to technical issues beyond its control. Technical issues may include, but are not limited to, the availability of the internet connection, device failure or malfunction, unavailability of social media platforms or power outages. 

Images and audio from Ordinary and Town Planning Council meetings must not be altered, reproduced or republished without the permission of the Chief Executive Officer. For any enquiries, please contact our Governance department on 9205 2200.

This meeting is being live streamed. Live streaming allows the viewer and listener to watch and listen to the meeting in close to real time, giving the viewer and listener access to Council decision-making and promoting transparency and openness. 

Council will be the owner of the copyright in the live stream. Notwithstanding anything else said on Council's website, any recording, copying or other use of the live stream is strictly prohibited and will be a breach of Council's copyright.