Petitions and Joint Letters

You can submit petitions and joint letters to be considered at Council Meetings. Council holds two meetings each month. 

In accordance with Council’s Governance Rules(PDF, 434KB):

Petitions and Joint Letters

  1. Unless Council determines to consider it as an item of urgent business, no motion (other than a motion to receive the same) may be made on any petition, joint letter, memorial or other like application until the next fixed Council meeting after that at which it has been presented.
  2. Every petition or joint letter presented to Council must be in writing (other than pencil), contain the request of the petitioners or signatories and be signed by at least 12 people.
  3. Every petition or joint letter must be signed by the persons whose names are appended to it by their names or marks, and, except in cases of incapacity or sickness, by no one else and the address of every petitioner or signatory must be clearly stated.
  4. Any signature appearing on a page which does not bear the text of the whole of the petition or request may not be considered by Council.
  5. Every page of a hard copy petition or joint letter must be a single page of paper and not be posted, stapled, pinned or otherwise affixed or attached to any piece of paper other than another page of the petition or joint letter.
  6. Electronic or online petitions, joint letters, memorials or like applications must contain the name and email address of each petitioner or signatory, which details will, for the purposes of this Rule 59, qualify as the address and signature of such petitioner or signatory.
  7. If a petition, joint letter, memorial or other like application relates to an operational matter, Council must refer it to the Chief Executive Officer for consideration.

Petitions may be submitted directly to Council Customer Service, or any electronic submission must be sent to  

It is recommended that the following template is used for submission of all Petitions:

Petition to the Mayor and Councillors of Hume City Council(PDF, 15KB)