Middle Years and Transitions


Our plan Connect & Thrive(PDF, 3MB) reaffirms our commitment to contributing to positive health, social and economic outcomes for young people aged 6 to 24 years. 

We recognise the significance of the developmental period for children aged between 6-11 years defined as the ‘middle years’ and recognise the importance of a successful transition between primary and secondary schooling.  

We are committed to providing tailored supports and programs to meet the specific needs of middle years children and young people, working within a family-centred approach to support parents/carers, families, schools, and communities. 

For more information about Middle Years and Transitions, please contact Youth Engagement and Pathways on 9205 2556 or email youth@hume.vic.gov.au

Current local research

To ensure that the supports and services meet the needs of middle years children, the Youth Engagement and Pathways Unit undertook a Needs and Gap Analysis. 

This inquiry invited community members, service providers and schools to provide feedback about the emerging needs of middle years children, current programs and supports, and opportunities for future programs and collaboration. 

The report provides:

  • an overview of the current research on the middle years   
  • an analysis of our diverse and growing population 
  • an understanding of emerging needs and trends amongst the 6-11 year old cohort 
  • a review of current programs being delivered across Hume; and 
  • a series of recommendations that will inform the development of future programs and supports in partnership with schools and service providers.   

View our current programs

The Youth Engagement and Pathways Unit has several programs being offered to the community with a special focus on the middle years cohort – for children, their families and schools. 

Current programs being delivered in 2023: