The Corporal Cameron Baird VC MG Memorial Award

2023 Corporal Cameron Baird VC MG Memorial Award winners announced!

The Corporal Cameron Baird VC MG Memorial Award

The Corporal Cameron Baird VC MG Memorial Award was established by Hume City Council to recognise the legacy of Corporal Cameron Baird VC MG, a Hume local and national hero who was killed in 2013. Of many notable things, he will be remembered for inspiring the next generation. 

In his honour, a total pool of $5,000 is available to help young people in Hume achieve their dreams. Young people in Hume aged 12-25 can nominate to win an award to further their personal or professional development. The two award categories are:

  • Leading from the Front Achievement Award – where achievement in sports, community, art, employment, or education is recognised.
  • Gaining Ground Encouragement Award – where a commitment to an area of interest is recognised.

2023 Award Recipients 

Gaining Ground Encouragement Award Winner: Sam Vowles 


18-year old Sam Vowles is an active member of the Sunbury community and has volunteered with the State Emergency Service (SES) from the age of 15. Sam has shown great dedication to supporting his community during times of emergency and natural disasters.  

With the Award, Sam plans to grow and enhance his skills in remote hiking, first aid, survival and rescue skills to develop his own search and rescue capabilities in the State Emergency Service. 

Leading from the front Achievement Award Winner: Jin Woodman 


The first winner in this category is 13-year-old Jin Woodman, a phenomenal young wheelchair tennis talent from Sunbury.  

In 2023, Jin has already represented Australia at the Wheelchair Tennis Junior Masters in France and at the International Tennis Federation World Team Cup in Portugal.  

Jin aspires to compete at the 2032 Paralympics in Wheelchair Tennis. The award will contribute towards enhancing Jin's training equipment to help him reach his goals. 

Leading from the front Achievement Award Winner: Mikail Tamoz 


The second recipient of this award is Mikail Tamoz. 12-year-old Mikail from Dallas is an up-and-coming talent specialising in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and boxing. 

He has won a number of awards in Jiu Jitsu and is looking to defend his World Championship title in Abu Dhabi later this year. Mikail’s goals for this year also include becoming the National Champion in his weight class for both boxing and wrestling. 

The Award will assist Mikail in covering travel expenses for upcoming competitions. 

Honourable mentions go out to: 
  • Blake Polley 

  • Kashyap Sreekumar 

  • Jamil Nabole 

  • Raweeha Shafiq 

2023 Award Finalists


Previous Award Recipients 

2021 recipients

The Corporal Cameron Baird VC MG Memorial Awards2021

Leading from the Front Achievement Award Winner

Angus McTaggart

18-year-old Angus completed VCE at Aitken College, Greenvale during 2020 and is now studying an Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management at William Angliss. When Angus completes his studies at William Angliss, he plans to progress to the Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management. Angus has been saving to pay for this course since Year 9, when he found out about this full fee paying/non-government funded course at a University Open Day. Angus will use the Award to go towards these studies. Angus plans to own a business like a café, restaurant, wine/cocktail bar), lead successful teams and mentor and teach in the industry.

Gaining Ground Encouragement Award Winner


20-year-old Abigail is currently studying International Studies and Global Security at University. Abigail has been a volunteer with Banksia Gardens Community Services since 2019 through the gender equity project, 'Good People Act Now'. The project has allowed Abigail to pursue her passion of promoting gender equality and taking tangible action in the prevention of violence against women in our local community.

Abigail wants to use the award to enhance her leadership and technical skills, so that she can contribute to community projects more meaningfully. Abigail’s goal is to make tangible contributions to reducing gender inequality across Australia, but also specifically within Hume.

For further information contact Hume Youth Services at or call 9205 2556.

2019 recipients

The Corporal Cameron Baird VC MG Memorial Awards 2019

Gaining Ground Encouragement Award winners

Adam Marguglio

Adam attends Sunbury College where he is heavily involved in the VCE music program. Adam's love of creative arts, including writing songs and playing the piano, has seen him become a leader in his school’s music department. Adam regularly encourages other students in the school to perform and is contributing to a strong music culture within the school. He plans to use the award money to purchase new equipment to further his understanding of music.

Tamanna Qarar

Tamanna came to Australia in 2013 where she quickly found a love for numbers. Her excellent mathematical ability saw her become a volunteer maths tutor, which led to volunteer teaching at the Dari Language school at Hume Afghan Association. She also became a member of an advisory group for the Centre for Multicultural Youth. Now she is undertaking her Bachelor of Civil Engineering at RMIT.

She is passionate about helping young people, especially young students and young refugees, to reach their full potential. Tamanna is planning to use the award money to support disadvantaged women and girls in Afghanistan to develop sustainable employment. 

Leading from the Front Achievement Award winners

Isobel Symeoy 

After many years of extensive volunteer and community work, Isobel quickly realised she wanted to spend her life helping others. At 13, she followed in her dad’s footsteps, and joined the Junior CFA at Craigieburn Fire Station. From there, her time is filled with other selfless acts such as shaving off her hair to donate it to children with cancer, raising money for the Good Friday Appeal, and becoming a member and assisting the Craigieburn War Memorial and Remembrance Committee.

Isobel is working towards becoming a paramedic and intends to use her award money to keep helping the community. 

Rihan Rofaeel 

Rihan is a highly engaged young person in our local community thanks to her faith, volunteer work, and social justice efforts.

Her leadership achievements to date are remarkable. She also aims to meet the needs of others through volunteering with Christmas on the Streets and actively working towards the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goal of ‘Zero Hunger’.

Rihan plans to use the funds at a grass roots level to try and work with local grocery stores, bakeries and produce providers to reduce food wastage that could be going to a better place. Part of this also includes teaching people how to prepare healthy, quick and affordable food.

For further information contact Hume Youth Services at or call 9205 2556.